Hunk - first name Bob - just wants a quiet life. That's why he got out of the hi-tech weapons research game and took a job as a Physics technician at a college. It's quite hard for people to come and bother you when you're sat drinking coffee behind a well barricaded prep lab door. The only catch is that Alice is on the same side of the barricade as Hunk, and keeping her out of trouble is a full-time job. Ah well, it could be worse...



We're not sure where Alice came from. Or where she's going. Or exactly what it is she's doing while she's here. Look, perhaps we can get back to you about the whole Alice 'thing'? All we do know is that she has an unhealthy interest in Biology, which is probably how she got this Biology technician job. But when you have access to lots of surgical tools, suddenly every problem starts to look like a 'not enough body parts' problem.

Bad News Squid.

Bad News Squid

Some say he's a genetic experiment gone awry, others that he's a visitor from another dimension. What we do know is that he's called the Bad News Squid, and he loves giving people bad news. But don't worry, if there's no bad news for him to deliver he'll soon put that right...



Max is the college art technician and Hunk's love interest. She's doing quite a good job of staying alive considering what a dim view Alice takes of other people "touching her stuff".

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